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Jodogahama Beach ( Prefectural place of scenic beauty )  ( Miyako City ) 

Jodogahama Beach, or “Pure Land Beach,” is one of the most famous places of scenic beauty on the Rikuchu Coast. The vivid contrast of the sharp, white rocks, green pines, and deep blue sea has been compared to the Pure Land or Paradise by a Buddhist monk named Reikyo, hence the name “Jodogahama.” It is listed in Japan's 100 Best Beaches, 100 Best Beaches for Swimming, 100 Scents of Japan, to name a few.
It is indeed a great beach for swimming, with clean water and gentle waves. There are facilities such as a bus terminal building, a marine house, a rest house, as well as a boat rental service. Look out for crabs and small fish in the tide pools along the esplanade from the beach to the marine house!

Blue Cave  ( Sappa Boat Cruise ) 
Go inside Hachinoheana, also known as the Blue Cave, on a small fishing boat called sappa. You will enjoy sceneries which cannot be approached on a large boat; the tour is available only when the waves are calm. The water changes its color depending on the season, ranging from emerald green to cobalt blue. There is a blowhole inside the cave, and it is said that if you see it blow, it will bring you good luck.
Jodogahama Marine House
32-4 Hitachihama, Miyako City
Open every day from March through November Hours: 8:30-17:00
Fare: 1,500 yen per person
Time: 20 minutes
Passenger capacity: 2 for sappa boats; 3 for small boats Operation subject to wave conditions
Tour Boat  ( Jodogahama Islands Excursion ) 
This 40-minute tour on the Rikuchu-maru Tour Boat will take you around the islands of Jodogahama. You can enjoy the view of the uniquely-shaped islands as well as the beautiful coastline; you can also feed black-tailed gulls which follow the boat. On New Year's Day, there is a special tour to watch the first sunrise of the year.

Dates: mid-March to early January *The number of tours per day varies depending on the season. Even during the closed winter season, the tour is held for groups of 15 or more, with a reservation made 3 days in advance or earlier.

Fare: adults 1,220 yen; children 610 yen
Group discount  ( 15 or more ) : adults 10 % off; students 30 % off of individual adult fare; children 10 % off

The New Year's Sunrise Tour
See the earliest New Year's sunrise in Honshu on this 1-hour tour. A sake barrel opening ceremony is held on the boat.

Fare: adults 2,100 yen; children 1,200 yen Passenger capacity: 800
Inquiries: 0193-62-3350, Iwate Kenpoku Bus, Tour Boat Division

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JR Tohoku Shinkansen
From Tokyo Station to Morioka Station: 2 hr. 26 min.
Morioka Station

Highway Bus
BEAM-1  ( Tokyo, Morioka, Miyako ) 
Morioka Station

JR Yamada Line
From Morioka Station Platforms 2 and 4 to Miyako Station: about 1 hr. 59 min. by Rapid Train Rias
Morioka Station

Bus from JR Morioka Station
Express Bus 106  ( Morioka to Miyako/Yamada ) 
Get on at Morioka Station East Exit Boarding Area 7 Get off at Miyako Station 2 hr. 10 min. ride
Buses from 5:45 to 20:40 1 or 2 buses an hour
019-652-5151  ( Iwate Kenpoku Bus at Bus Center Office ) 
Miyako Station

Bus from JR Miyako Station
Miyako-Jodogahama Line Get on at Miyako Station Boarding Area 3 Get off at Oku-Jodogahama 22 min. ride Buses from 8:00 to 16:55 10 buses a day 0193-62-3620  ( Iwate Kenpoku Bus at Miyako Station Information Center ) 
Miyako Station

About 15 min. from JR Miyako Station
Miyako Station

About 135 min. from Morioka-minami IC

Tourist Information
Miyako Tourism Association 0193-62-3534
Miyako Tourist Information 0193-62-3574
Miyako Station

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