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Goishi Coast ( Ofunato City ) 

Goishi Coast
The Goishi Coast is a scenic 6-km coastline along the southeastern part of Matsusaki Peninsula. “Goishi” refers to the stone pieces used in a Japanese board game called go; the pebbles that cover the beach resemble the go game pieces, hence the name. It was designated as a national place of scenic beauty and a national natural monument in 1937. It is also listed in Japan's 100 Best Beaches, 100 Best White Beaches with Green Pines, 500 Beautiful Roads for Walking, and 100 Sound Sceneries of Japan. There are many caves, islands, and pine woods colored with flowers such as daisies, candlestick lilies, and day lilies. The 4-km hiking trail leads to places of interest such as the Ranboya Channel, where dynamic waves beat against the rocks, and Kaminariiwa, where waves beat inside a cave and echo like thunder.

Anatoshiiso is an oddly shaped rock formation in the sea with three openings through which small pleasure boats can pass.

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JR Tohoku Shinkansen
From Morioka Station to Ichinoseki Station: 41 min.
From Tokyo Station to Ichinoseki Station: 2 hr. 33 min.
Ichinoseki Station

Highway Bus
Kesen Liner  ( Ikebukuro to Kamaishi )  Sendai to Ofunato
Sakari Station

JR Ofunato Line
Service temporarily suspended between Kesennuma and Sakari  ( substitute bus service available ) 

Ichinoseki Station

Limited Express Bus from JR Ichinoseki Station
Limited Express Ichinoseki Line
Get on at Ichinoseki Station Boarding Area 5 Get off at Ofunato Station 2 hr. 12 min. ride
Buses from 8:50 to 19:40 8 buses a day
0192-26-3730  ( Iwateken Kotsu Ofunato Office ) 
Ichinoseki Station

Express Bus from JR Morioka Station
Express Morioka-Ofunato Line
Get on at Morioka Station Boarding Area 8 Get off at Sakari  ( Gongendo )  2 hr. 56 min. ride
Buses from 7:40 to 17:45 5 buses a day
0192-26-3730  ( Iwateken Kotsu Ofunato Office ) 
Morioka Station

Bus from JR Hosoura Station
Goishi Line
Get on at Hosoura Station Bus Boarding Area Get off at Goishi Kaigan 11 min. ride
Buses from 7:54 to 17:33 7 buses a day
0192-26-3730  ( Iwateken Kotsu Ofunato Office ) 
Hosoura Station

About 100 min. from Ichinoseki IC

The Cultural Heritaege of Hiraizumi―Toward World Heritage Inscription

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