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Yakehashiri Lava Flow ( Hachimantai City ) 

Yakehashiri is a cooled and hardened lava flow on the northeastern slope of Mt. Iwate. The lava was from the 1732 explosion, and stretches for about 3 km, reaching a width of about 1.5 km at the lower end. Even after 280 years, no plant life grows on the barren black rocks which form a layer of about 5 to 10 meters thick. There are lava blocks of various sizes, from those that fit the palm of your hand to those with diameters of over 1 m; you are not allowed to take one home because they are national natural monuments. There is a 1-km walkway on the lava; a round-trip will take about two hours. There are facilities such as a campground, a hot spring, and a restaurant nearby.

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JR Tohoku Shinkansen
From Tokyo Station to Morioka Station: 2 hr. 26 min.
Morioka Station

Highway Bus
Dream Morioka Rakuchin-go  ( Tokyo to Morioka ) 
Yokohama to Morioka BEAM-1  ( Tokyo, Morioka, Miyako ) 
Urban-go  ( Sendai to Morioka ) 
Morioka Station

IGR Iwate Ginga Railway; JR Hanawa Line
From Morioka Station Platforms 0 and 1 to Obuke Station: about 37 min.
Morioka Station

Bus from JR Morioka Station
Morioka-Hachimantai Line
Get on at Morioka Station East Exit Boarding Area 3 Get off at Obuke Station About 51 min. ride
Buses from 6:54 to 20:47 1 or 2 buses an hour
019-654-9360  ( Morioka Station Bus Information Center ) 
Morioka Station

About 15 min. from Obuke Station
Obuke Station

About 15 min. from Nishine IC

Sightseeing Course

Express Bus Courses
Major Sightseeing Spots Tour Bus   Early July to late October

Course Name: Major Sightseeing Spots Tour Bus Early July to late October

Areas: Hachimantai Royal Hotel  ( 9:30 ) ; Hachimantai Rising Sun Hotel; Hachimantai Heights; Sakura Park; Hotel Appi Grand  ( 10:06 ) ; Sakura Park; Hachimantai Heights; Forest-I; Hachimantai Royal Hotel  ( 10:45 ) ; Hachimantai Resort Hotel; Yakehashiri International Exchange Village  ( 11:00 )  Bus in the opposite direction departs at 15:30.
Fare for 1 adult  ( 1 child ) : 500 yen  ( 250 yen ) *1-day pass
Time, etc: 1 hr. 30 min.

Information: Hachimantai Tourism Association tel: 0195-78-3500

The Cultural Heritaege of Hiraizumi―Toward World Heritage Inscription

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