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Sushi and Seafood

Sushi in Iwate
With its excellent rice, wasabi, and seafood, Iwate is a perfect place for sushi. The Sanriku Coast, one of the best fishing grounds in the world, provides fresh seafood such as sea urchins and abalones. Iwate also has great ...


Abalones are edible sea snails, which can be enjoyed raw or cooked. When eaten raw, they are enjoyed for their unique al dente texture; when cooked, they become soft. Iwate boasts the largest catch of abalone in Japan, which are Ezo abalone, a specie...

Sea Urchins

Iwate is the second largest producer of sea urchins after Hokkaido. Iwate's sea urchins are known for their freshness and rich taste. They are especially delicious in June and July; during this time, raw sea urchins are sold in glass bottles. They ar...

Iwate Beef  ( Maesawa Beef, etc. ) 

The most famous beef in Iwate is Maesawa Beef produced in the Maesawa area of Oshu City. It is said that the Matsusaka Beef in the West and the Maesawa Beef in the East are the best beef brands in Japan. The exquisitely marbled meat is so soft that i...

Iwate's Pork Brands

There are 30 brand-pork breeds in Iwate, which has a perfect natural environment for pig farming. Each brand boasts unique features such as special feed or environment. Pork is a healthy meat rich in Vitamin B1. Many of the brands are served at resta...

Jingisukan ( Tono City, Hachimantai City, and Shizukuishi Town ) 

Jingisukan or Genghis Khan, named after the Mongolian ruler, is a popular barbecue dish, especially in Tono, Hachimantai, and Shizukuishi, made with mutton or lamb grilled on a dome-shaped griddle. Despite its name, it is a Japanese dish not a Mongol...

Mochi Dishes ( cooked sticky rice )  ( Ichinoseki City, Hiraizumi Town, Shiwa Town, etc. ) 

Mochi, or “rice cake,” is made of steamed and pounded rice. It is a New Year delicacy, served in a traditional soup called zoni, or wrapped in nori seaweed with soy sauce. Popular sweet mochi are kinako mochi and azuki mochi, covered with sweetened s...

Wanko Soba Noodles

Buckwheat noodles  ( soba )  are served up as a lively eating contest. This local favorite began almost four centuries ago as an efficient way to provide guests with “all-you-can-eat” noodles, and continues today as one of Iwate’s...

Morioka Reimen Noodles

Morioka Reimen Noodles is one of the “Three Great Noodles of Morioka,” along with Wanko Soba and Jajamen. Reimen is originally a Korean dish; Morioka Reimen Noodles was first served in 1954 by a yakiniku restaurant owner from Korea. The most unique c...

Morioka Jajamen Noodles

Morioka Jajamen Noodles is one of one of the “Three Great Noodles of Morioka,” along with Wanko Soba and Reimen. Jajamen was developed from a Chinese noodle dish called “jia jiang mein.” The noodles are similar to udon, but are served with special m...

25 Results 1-10

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The Cultural Heritaege of Hiraizumi―Toward World Heritage Inscription

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