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Koiwai Farm ( Shizukuishi Town ) 

Koiwai is a 3000-hectare  ( 7400-acre )  private farm located scenically at the base of Mt. Iwate. Koiwai is most famous for its dairy products and as a popular tourist destination, with about 750,000 visitors every year.

Kitayamazaki Cliffs ( Tanohata Village ) 

Kitayamazaki Cliffs is one of the most impressive landscapes of the Rikuchu Coast, where 200-meter cliffs stretch across 8 km of coastline. In 1999, it received the highest rating in the "natural resource: coast" category of National Tourist Resource...

Unosu Cliff ( Tanohata Village ) 

Unosu Cliff, or “Cormorants' Nest Cliff,” is a 4-km stretch of sheer precipices that measure 200 meters in height. There is an observation deck, from which you can see 5 impressive rock walls jutting out into the sea in a row, a scenery that resemble...

Jodogahama Beach ( Prefectural place of scenic beauty )  ( Miyako City ) 

Jodogahama Beach, or “Pure Land Beach,” is one of the most famous places of scenic beauty on the Rikuchu Coast. The vivid contrast of the sharp, white rocks, green pines, and deep blue sea has been compared to the Pure Land or Paradise by a Buddhist ...

Goishi Coast ( Ofunato City ) 

Goishi Coast
The Goishi Coast is a scenic 6-km coastline along the southeastern part of Matsusaki Peninsula. “Goishi” refers to the stone pieces used in a Japanese board game called go; the pebbles that cover the beach resemble the go game piec...

Ryusendo Cave ( Iwaizumi Town ) 

Ryusendo Cave is one of the Three Great Limestone Caves in Japan and a national natural monument. The portion of the cave which has been explored stretches over 3,100 meters; if unexplored areas are included, the entire cave is estimated to be over 5...

Hachimantai and Its Fall Colors ( Hachimantai City ) 

The volcanic plateau of Hachimantai  ( 1,613 m )  and Lake Towada in Aomori are together designated as Towada-Hachimantai National Park. There are scenic sightseeing roads that run through the area, as well as many swamps, marshes...

Hachimantai Aspite Line; Fall Colors and the Corridor of Snow ( Hachimantai City ) 

The Aspite Line is a 27-km mountain sightseeing road that runs through Towada-Hachimantai National Park straddling Iwate and Akita. With a rest house at the peak, it is one of the best roads in the country for a scenic drive, especially in fall when ...

Mt. Iwate ( Hachimantai City; Shizukuishi Town; Takizawa City ) 

Mt. Iwate  ( 2,038 m )  is the highest mountain in Iwate and is one of Japan's 100 Most Beautiful Mountains. It is often referred to as Nambu Katafuji, or “half-sided Mt. Fuji of the Nambu area,” because the gentle-sloping side of...

Yakehashiri Lava Flow ( Hachimantai City ) 

Yakehashiri is a cooled and hardened lava flow on the northeastern slope of Mt. Iwate. The lava was from the 1732 explosion, and stretches for about 3 km, reaching a width of about 1.5 km at the lower end. Even after 280 years, no plant life grows on...

28 Results 1-10

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The Cultural Heritaege of Hiraizumi―Toward World Heritage Inscription

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