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Open-Air Baths

Open-air or outdoor baths are extremely popular for their excellent view of the surrounding nature. Today, most hot spring facilities have one or more open-air baths. At most facilities, there are separate open-air baths for men and women, but some b...

Tsunagi Hot Spring

Tsunagi Hot Spring is a hot spring resort with a history of 900 years, located by Lake Goshoko on the border of Morioka and Shizukuishi. Legend has it that the hot spring was discovered in the 11th century by a warlord who had come to Iwate for a bat...

Shizukuishi Hot Springs ( Shizukuishi Town ) 

There are 11 hot springs in the Shizukuishi Hot Springs area, steeped with history and nestled in harmony with nature....

Hachimantai Hot Springs and Appi Hot Springs ( Hachimantai City ) 

There are many hot springs in Hachimantai City, located by Mt. Iwate and Hachimantai. You can enjoy fall colors from outdoor baths, or relax your muscles after skiing. Daytime bath admission ranges from 450 yen to 1,050 yen....

Hanamaki Hot Springs ( Hanamaki City ) 

The hot springs located to the west of Hanamaki City are together called the Hanamaki Hot Springs. There are many types of facilities such as large hotels and traditional inns. Daytime bathing admission ranges from 200 yen to 1,200 yen....

Yuda Hot Springs  ( Nishiwaga Town ) 

The Yuda Hot Springs are a group of hot springs located along the Waga River....

Kintaichi Hot Springs ( Ninohe City ) 

These hot springs were discovered in 1626 and were used as designated hot springs for the samurai who served the Nambu clan. There are 9 inns as well as daytime bathing facilities in this quiet, relaxing area. One of the inns was famous nationwide fo...

Geto Kogen Hot Springs ( Kitakami City ) 

Located north of the Yakeishi Mountains in Kurikoma Quasi-National Park, Geto Hot Springs are a group of various hot springs along a ravine, closed during the winter because of their location. In the area, there is a natural monument called Tengu no ...

Ichinoseki Hot Springs  ( Ichinoseki City ) 

The Ichinoseki Hot Springs are 7 hot springs of various water types along National Road 342 between Mt. Kurikomayama and Gembikei Gorge....

9 Results 1-9

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