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Shizukuishi Ski Resort ( Shizukuishi Town ) 

Shizukuishi Ski Resort offers an exciting skiing experience for everyone. The 4,500-m downhill trail with a maximum slope of 36 degrees was the site of the 1993 World Alpine Ski Championships and is definitely for advanced skiers. There are, of cours...

Appi Kogen Ski Resort ( Hachimantai City ) 

Appi Kogen Ski Resort is one of the largest ski resorts in Japan, with 21 trails and a total trail length of 45.1 km for skiers of all levels. It is known for its excellent snow quality, often referred to as “aspirin snow” for its fine, light, dry te...

Geto Kogen Ski Resort ( Kitakami City ) 

Geto Kogen Ski Resort is known for its snow quality and quantity, as well as for the long season made possible by the abundant snow. There are 14 slopes ranging from 2 to 36 degrees, with a total trail length of 14 km. Long cruising from the peak can...

Amihari Onsen Ski Resort ( Shizukuishi Town ) 

This is a ski resort on the slopes of Mt. Inukura in Towada-Hachimantai National Park which is surrounded by beautiful virgin forests. There are 7 trails with 5 ski lifts, for skiers of all levels; the longest downhill distance is 5 km. Snowboarding ...

Hachimantai Resort  ( Panorama Ski Area/Shimokura Ski Area )  ( Hachimantai City ) 

Hachimantai Resort is composed of two ski areas, Panorama and Shimokura. Panorama Ski Area has 4 ski lifts and 7 trails, which are perfect for beginners and families; the longest trail is 2,700 m. Shimokura Ski Area has 3 ski lifts and 6 trails, whic...

Appi Kogen Golf Club ( Hachimantai City ) 

This is a 1.3 million-m² golf resort surrounded by white birch forests, with a total length of 13,746 yards. There are 36 holes, 4 courses: Iwate-san, Hachimantai, Towada, and Ryugamori. The bent-grass greens are known for their difficulty. You can e...

Numakunai Country Club ( Iwate Town ) 

There are 36 holes, 2 courses, with a great view of Mt. Iwate and Mt. Himekami. The South Course is strategic and scenic, with 8 ponds. The North Course has wide fairways and natural hills. You can enjoy the courses using a 2-seater or 4-seater cart;...

Nambu Fuji Country Club ( Hachimantai City ) 

Peter Thomson, who has designed numerous great golf courses around the world, declared that Nambu Fuji Country Club was by far his best. It is a highly-strategic 1.44 million-m² tournament course with 27 holes, with a great view of Mt. Himekami. Ther...

Shizukuishi Golf Resort ( Shizukuishi Town ) 

This is a hilly golf resort located in front of the Shizukuishi Prince Hotel. The courses are: Karamatasu Course  ( 18 holes, 6,881 yards, par 71 )  and Kaede Course  ( 18 holes, 6,707 yards, par 72 ) . Fairway...

Appi Highlands Beech Forest ( Hachimantai City ) 

Beech forests retain water in the soil and are often referred to as the “green dam.” Beeches which have fallen after spreading their seeds become nutrients for other trees, and the spaces left by them allow the sunlight to shine through the forest up...

14 Results 1-10

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